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"All beings also exist as supports (materials) for forming something else from a higher dimension." I call this idea "Shijitai"( 支持体 ) theory and use it as the basis of my production activities. This is the idea that things and phenomena in front of us, even our own body and spirit, are actually materials and temporary figures for shaping something. Something is outside the framework of our perception and perception, and we wouldn't be able to know it. However, it is probably impossible to tell everything everything in the world from the perspective of "It doesn't exist because I don't know" or "I don't know because it doesn't exist." We will continue to be involved in unpredictable events and unknown phenomena. Under such circumstances, I wondered if the thing in front of me was absolutely there in my eyes and hands, or not. Even if it continues to exist as an absolute thing within the range that I can grasp, it may exist only temporarily outside that range. If so, it would be possible to create a broadening of awareness through the experience of my works so that those who see it can see the existence or phenomenon in front of them as other beings that form something completely 
different. And I think that this expansion will be the new horizon of creativity as art, and will be the creativity of people.

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