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Spread n-1 (2016)

Bolts, angles, flatbeds, camcorders, projectors, real-time images

Intersection of n dimensions when viewed from n + 1 dimension = n-1 dimension. The intersection of three dimensions when viewed from four dimensions is two dimensions. If "art" is a visual expression, I will use a camera and a projector to express it tentatively. What is tentatively represented as a very trivial act shows that everything is a supportive being. However, it should always support the essence that exists with the temporary construction that continues behind it. This is different from a mere metaphor. The high degree of freedom that seems to be a dream, both input and output are only tentative. But at the same time, it will continue to be accompanied by the relative essence of the infinite series of hypotheses.

spread n-1①.jpg
spread n-1③.jpg
spread n-1②.jpg
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