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how to make colors constructing you and your worlds, and may be these beyond (2016)

Projector, camera, real-time image, window glass, indoor environment

Color in Buddhism is called color and indicates all substances. People and the world are said to be temporary constructions that change from moment to moment as the five skandhas of color, reception, thought, deed, and wisdom gather together due to their ties. Although it is temporary, it exists, but everything is empty. The Heart Sutra, who advocates the color of the sky, says so. Being sky and color, being color and being sky. They will never be understood by human perception and cognition. However, the writer tentatively expresses it in a form that dares to show it. If art is to be called visual art, cameras and projectors will be the smallest unit of material as a temporary expression for art.

The colors called "Shiki" in the Buddhisu, means all materials. It shows also that humans and this world be born by connections of "Shiki", "Ju", "So", "Gyo", "Shiki", called "Goun" More over these change every moment. This state is called "Kesetsu", means, temporary. It is not only just temporary and just exist, but also emptiness, "Ku". In the scripture "Hannyashingyo", shows that all materials are We never understand these with our sensation and recognition. But the artist dare to stand for these visible. It is just temporary. If the art is visual arts, cameras and projectors are materials of smallest unit as temporary stand for.

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