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Graviternal series (2023-)​

Materials: silica, acrylic paint, lacquer spray, wood, etc

The "Graviternal" series is about gravity. Gravity distorts people's perception of time and space, and recent research suggests that it move back and forth between dimensions. When I create works, I think about the "ma / 間" that exists between these two beings. In Japanese, it is a unique word that has various meanings such as distance, space, time, and communication. The works are painted by pressing and rubbing a unique silica medium (paint with glass powder) onto the panel. The sparkle of the medium and the way shadows fall change depending on the lighting, allowing you to freely change the expression of the panels. Also, since the image that appears changes depending on the amount of pressure applied, it also represents "ma / 間'' as a production method in the sense of controlling the distance between the panel and me.

Graviternal Horizon #2

(Graviternal #16, yutanitayutani #2)


h.1000 × w.1800 × d.50 mm
mixed media


Graviternal #10

Graviternal #8


Graviternal Horizon #1 

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