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Spread follow series (2022-)​

A camera and a projector are connected to shoot and project in the same direction. Then, a phenomenon like two mirrors facing each other of images occurs. This work《Spread》 is an installation in which various images appear by using the space itself as the subject. 《Spread follow》 is a work that applies this. Place a panel where the image is projected, and shoot my own body. My movements are gradually shifted, and body is projected as if it were increasing in number. It is easy to change and various images appear. Every time my body moves, the image of the video is affected and changes. While guessing the change, I put the paint on as if to perceive it. Challenging images that I can't catch up even if I chase, and selecting fragments of images that appear momentarily with resolution at each moment. My goal is to directly apply the "間 / ma" that is common to sculptures and other works to the physical part, and draw as if to negotiate the distance. At the beginning of drawing, I follow the waves and energy of the movement of the video image, and then I consciously follow the appearance of the surface where the color spreads. Finally, when I follow the form and lines, I can't help but be conscious of the composition of the painting as a whole. From the unconscious and accidental coloring and arrangement in the initial stage, gradually I begins to consciously compose surfaces and lines. Here, painterly nature that aiming to be established as a painting will arise. In addition, although the panels are independent works as paintings, they can be developed as video installations by projecting recorded images. It also means that some layers and illusions are included.

syncasync follow -tracing- #2


syncasync follow -tracing- #8

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