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Surroundscape series (2023-)​

Materials: Silica, ethylene vinyl acetate, acrylic paint, bamboo, lacquer spray, 3D resin model, etc

The theme of the "Surroundscape" series is perspective. When I create works, I think about the "ma / 間" that exists between these two beings. In Japanese, it is a unique word that has various meanings such as distance, space, time, and communication. This series works that combine bamboo, wood, etc. to surround various motifs, or attach various materials to them, using the original motif as a support while expressing the temporary state of existence of things. The motif of this work is a 3D printed Buddha statue. The data used was downloaded from the Internet and used data on Gandhara art Buddhist statues that are thought to have been created in Pakistan around the 3rd century and are housed in the Minneapolis Museum of Art.

Surroundscape #3


Surroundscape #2


When outputting this work with a 3D printer, parts called "support materials" that are generally attached to the data are written excessively and placed so as to surround the motif.

Surroundscape #1

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