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syncasync coral series (2020)

In order to perceive and recognize something, it must be grasped through its framework. Namely, it is not possible to capture it directly. Between us and the things, there is something that synchronizes them. I call them "間 / ma". The way we subjectively relate to "間 / ma" is called "間合い / maai". In the work, the motif is encased in resin and then carved with a flea. By carving the resin, the "interval" with the motif is sculpturally expressed. The viewer recognizes the overall form when looking at the work from a distance. But if they look closer, they will notice that the motif is enclosed. Through the carved resin, the motif inside becomes a refracted and fragmented image. And perceived as a synthetic image that is consciously stitched together by the viewer. So, the information obtained from the sculpture changes from the form to the image by changing the distance between the sculpture and the viewer. Image and form will gradually come to coexist in the eyes of the viewer. For that purpose, construct another volume or texture outside the motif. In order to do so, I have to induce a visual effect based on the distance to the motif by adding another volume or texture to the outside of the motif. Various materials that appear to be decorative do so.

syncasync coral -Venus- #5

In Black Light 

syncasync coral-Hourglass- #4


syncasync coral-Buddhist figure- #2


syncasync coral-character figure-

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