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syncasync haze series (2022-)​

Paints and textures are layered over and over again on top of the photos pasted on the canvas. The work is drawn repeatedly by stretching, shaving, and painting like carving with spray. The photos pasted on a canvas gradually loses its outline as it is repeatedly drawn. It loses its color and is redrawn into a com￾pletely different images. However, depending on the distance and angle from which the viewer views the work, the original photos may be recognized. It is drawn while being conscious of the boundary line that may noticed or may not be. Similar to sculpture, this work is created in such a way that the distance between the work and the viewer confuses the overall image with the original image pasted.

syncasync haze -Marilyn Monroe-#3


syncasync haze -The Age of Bronze- #2


syncasync haze -Apple- #1

syncasync haze#1.png
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